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2009 ARCS is on the ground in Pakistan, assisting 1.7 million Swat Valley refugees who fled a war zone and now live in the Jelozai Internal Displaced Camp near Peshawar. Our immediate goal is to aid two million Swat Valley refugees in Pakistan who fled their communities in May 2009, when war broke out between government forces and the Taliban. To date, less than 15% have returned home; most remain in the Jelozai Internal Displaced Camp near Peshawar, living in tents in 130 degree weather. They need food, clothing, and medicine. ARCSociety staff are on the ground in Peshawar, coordinating our efforts with government and non-government authorities.

2007 ARCSociety staff was on the ground assisting victims in Lebanon when the war broke out in June. In September we delivered food, clothing, blankets and medical supplies.

2006 Second delivery of food, winter clothing, blankets, medicine and medical supplies in February.

2005 Fundraising for victims of the December 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia and Sumatra. ARCS staff was on the ground, assisting victims by the end of January 2005. We delivered food, clothing, blankets, medicine and medical supplies in March 2005.

2003 Historic delivery of food, clothing, blankets and much-needed medicine and medical equipment that assisted thousands of Afghans in far-flung regions where suffering was greatest.

2004 Second larger delivery of food, clothing, blankets, and medical supplies in Afghanistan.

2002 Nationwide fundraising for the people of Afghanistan. Negotiated cooperation with Uzbek government, and access to highly volatile areas in Afghanistan through Uzbekistan.
A Message from the President of Udubland You can read it here

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